Please note: our website is currently closed for orders!

 Welcome fellow life jugglers :)

We are Jugglewear, hear us roar (quietly so we don't wake the kids).

Started in 2020 during the stay-at-home insanity of coronavirus lockdown, Jugglewear is the fashion brain-child of two sisters (Fi and Becs) who wanted to bring a smidgen of clothing-based cheer to parents navigating the endless kid-life-work juggle.

Combining our super-powers of graphic design (Fi) and fashion copywriting (Becs), we launched our collection of family-life inspired clothing to bring smiles to the faces of hollow-eyed parents. After a few cups of tea and some creative dabbling on our laptops, Jugglewear was born.

We create wearable fashion inspired by real family life. Comfy to wear, easy to style and designed to amuse - our clothing features true-to-life slogans that parents (and grandparents... kids... anyone with a sense of humour) will appreciate. We're also a bit obsessed with gorgeous fabric so our clothing is made from organic cotton for maximum slouchiness (not that you get much chance to laze), super-soft cotton fabric or recycled fabrics which wash well and feel super-soft to wear. Win. Now pass the caffeine. 

Please note! Our website is currently closed because our work-kids-life-juggle became too busy to keep up with all your Jugglewear orders (how ironic). In the meantime, you can see what Becs is up to on her Instagram: Becs_Creates_Content

Jugglewear Founder - Becs. Slogans are her thing.

Becs is a fashion copywriter, university lecturer, book reviewer and mum to two boys. Her brain collects words like an eager foraging squirrel and turns them into slogans that make people go: 'ooooh that's SO me!'.


Jugglewear Founder - Fi. Designing is her bag.

Fi is a graphic/product designer, children's book author, netball player and mum to two boys. She makes things look lovely, knows the latest design trends and bluntly tells Becs when her ideas are poo.

Insta: @fifi_designlady