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Join in with the juggle!

We're so happy that our Jugglewear Ambassador family has become a lovely little community of fun, supportive and likeminded humans fuelled by caffeine!

We LOVE sharing our Ambassador photos on all of our social stuff, and our website is filled with amazing real-life pics of them wearing our clothing. It's the BEST!

We are always looking for more ace people to become Jugglewear Ambassadors and join in with the fun - take a look at the info below and complete our Application Form below to get involved - hurrah!

Some of the great stuff we give our Ambassadors!

AMBASSADOR DISCOUNT - You get an exclusive Ambassador discount on all of our clothing (yay!). 

CONSTANT GIVEAWAYS - We hold giveaways all the time. That's real free stuff... all the time... available only to our Ambassadors. Woo hoo. 

EARLY STUFF - You get early access to our new products and designs. 

INPUT - You can get involved in our product development, give us ideas and even get your slogans launched as part of our main collection!

CONNECT - You can connect with our (growing!) lovely, fun and supportive likeminded little community!

DISCOUNT FOR FRIENDS & FAMILY - You get a discount code to share with your friends, family and followers.

AMBASSADOR ONLY - You can watch our Ambassador Only Instagram Stories... they're a great way to see what we're up to and find out about our giveaways. 

EXTRA DISCOUNTS - when we have a sale or promotion you get an EXTRA discount. Yup. Extra. 

SUPPORT AND PROMOTION - We will feature you on our social media channels and on our Ambassador page - we LOVE supporting our Ambassador's businesses and social accounts!

We're looking for people who...

JOIN IN - We like Ambassadors to join in, wear our clothing, share their photos with us and take part in the fun stuff that's happening on our social media!

 USE SOCIAL MEDIA - We like Ambassadors to be active on their social media accounts. We really LOVE Instagram (our juggly Insta community is ace!) so if you use Instagram that is great. Our Facebook page is a lovely friendly place too if you prefer Facebook. 

 AGE/LOCATION - You must be over 16 years old and based in the UK.

Our Ambassador Application Form:

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